13 April 2014

Global Town #004

Above & Beyond kicks off this week’s episode by saying ‘Hello’ to everyone. Last week the trio announced the location of its 100th #ABGT show check-point - and I can proudly (and hopefully physically) celebrate this event in New York!

Other tracks of Global Town #004 include the likes of Mat Zo, Vitodito, Andy Duguid, Kylie Minogue and a spanking new Experimental remix of Coldplay’s single Midnight by the one and only Tiesto, who is currently experiencing a shift from his Maximal genre to more deep and techno scene.

Let this week bring joy and love to you all!

And don't forget to download Global Town #004

06 April 2014

Global Town #003 -AND- Send me to London with your VOTE!

Hello world!

It's time for a brand new podcast - this time with high elevating beats in the first half hour to start the blood rushing up and have the right beginning of the week. It's a pleasure to start this mix with a track by Rafael Frost called New York. I'm a huge fan of his sound, and this melody perfectly reflects my feeling to never-ending electricity of this city.

ALSO please favour my ~previous mix~ to help me get closer to London, where I could spin at one of the nightclubs for the local crowd. Comments are always optional but very tasty to read.

Thanks for your support, Archie

ps.  download that sugar Global Town #003 for your gadget ;)

30 March 2014

Global Town Weekly Show Launched

Hello friends!

As you may know last week I've decided to have a little shake-up in my time management sphere and start a weekly show that I've been patiently preparing (or at least contemplating on). There's gonna be a bunch of interesting stuff inside that hour-long mix, which will be coming out every weekend.

Those of you who are fond of tech house, deep house, trance and other genres of electronic music, grab your headphones and continue on with Global Town podcast. Here's a pouch of fresh mixes available for download absolutely free! Sharing is caring :)

Download Global Town #002

Download Global Town #001

Global Town Podcast is OUT!

Download Global Town #001

23 October 2013

Say Moooo, MosCOW!

We often hear this at school, at anti-sexist parties and at second-tier political gatherings - that everyone is different. Each of us permits a special kind of character nurtured off the past. Back when I lived in New York City there was nothing strange about this statement. Well, it clearly appears that my take on things has changed after moving to Moscow a month ago.

I have to tell you straight of the bat that there is an enormous, like a giraffe, flaw to thinking that vacationing coincides or somewhat runs parallel with inhabiting the town. Cultural shock triggers exotic memories after returning home, talking to locals feels rejuvenating and riding a metro yields a free entrance to a national museum - yeah right... only in the traveler's world.

If Columbia Pictures considers making the forth part of Men In Black sequence, it should name it Underground and seriously look into the specimens inside the Russian metro as main figures. It will save them a whole tun of mula otherwise wasted on costumes and time spent on searching grim and unhappy talents. Or a flash mob, where 95% of participants are dressed in black jackets and dark coats trying to imitate penguins.

I see your grand thinking in building the most spectacular underground interior in the world, Mr Stalin.

- in my town.

22 February 2013

Side Effects

(Not) The End / Xmas & New Year's Mix by Globaltown on Mixcloud

Traveling is a drug that some people overdose, but this is the only drug that has good side effects, like happiness, prosperity and rejuvenation.

Here is a fresh mix from travelling to Russia. Hope you enjoy it.

03 December 2012

Falling Angels

We are born with intention to do good things. Some leave this virtue in childhood, some bring it with them. When opportunity comes, there is a process of examining how surrounding people will react. Nonetheless, the meaning of helping out lays in giving something you have that the others don't, so someone else's opinion should not count.