27 June 2015

Global Town #012

Latest music from the deep house basement in compiled in the brand new episode to get the summer started in style. Some of the tracks have actually been on the shelves for some time and whole-heartedly deserve another spin.

21 February 2015

Global Town #011

After last week's experiment to devote the latest mix to my friend I decided to make it a habit. Hence, every new podcast will be a little birthday gift to my friends on Facebook (and, hopefully, they are my friends) for the past week.

So this week celebrations go out to Max Schnur, Nurbek Komekov, Oleksandr Nedovesov, Gabija Gasiunaite, Evgeniya Pashkova, Ester Rafailova and Niki Crowley.

The greatest moments in life do not necessarily need to be big.

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10 February 2015


"Some people dream of success, while others work hard at it!"

Today is the Birthday of my dear friend, Bogdan, who is currently on the other side of the planet, yet, still remains in close virtual proximity. This guy has been nothing but a fantastic friend, a person who is always nearby when the push comes to shove. Everything he touches turns to gold (don't forget about his roots from Transylvania).

To celebrate this day together, we look at some of the shared life extracts.

Have an unforgettable birthday, brother!

08 June 2014

Global Town #007

It has been a great couple of weeks for the new releases in the SDH (summer deep house) department. The seventh episode of Global Town presents the latest music and mixes from the likes of proven geniuses like Spada, Lane 8, Matt Lange and even a late rework of the radio engraved "Happy" by Pretty Pink. Enjoy the rhythms and let me know how it feels on Facebook!

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13 May 2014

Global Town #006

Warm welcome to this week's episode! Nothing but summer music compiled specially for you in this show. With sun patiently waiting for the clouds to swing away, we have some classical tunes filled up with beautiful vocals piercing the mixtape.

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27 April 2014

Global Town #005

Sun and love have been flourishing around the city of Moscow for the past few weeks. It so easily puts one in the mood of positivity and makes the world a better place. Tracks represented in this week's podcast include sunlight from the likes of talented Lane 8, Porter Robinson and a classic from Mark Knight which features a beautiful sample of the one and only Kylie Minogue... her voice seems to perfectly suit every electronic beat.

Here's a brand spanking new episode for download Global Town #005